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I VidXXX Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-06
Quick site rank and complete review of I VidXXX | Categories: Amateur, Video

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standard rank
Our Rating: 75/100

Quality of Content: 16/25

Purchase Value: 14/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 6/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: no

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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REASON: Site has been abandoned by its owners and looked cluttered.

Tour Promises

IVidXXX.com promises all amateur porn, unlimited streams and downloads of straight and amateur porn.

My Opinion About IVidXXX

The concept of I Vid XXX is definitely appealing. Of course, it's hard to resist the promise of unlimited movies for streaming and downloading. More than this, all the flicks are compatible with your iPod, which should be of interest to those who love porn on the go.

Now, the promise is amateur, and the design certainly reflects the content. I wasn't keen on the organization and could have used category search features, but iVidXXX does deliver a keyword search. I tried words like blowjob and anal, which turned up some good results. However, the terms or words you enter need to be simple and common because this is a straight-up hardcore site and you won't find any fetishes and I didn't turn up any results for big tits or big dick, although I know that they do exist on the site.

There are tutorials for downloading the movies and loading them to your iPod, but I suppose only a newbie would need to use these features. Still, at least they are there for the just in case. If you're looking for bonuses or extras or even photos, then you can pretty much forget it, though. There's nothing but movies on iVidXXX.com.

Some of the films are divided into two parts, but expect the majority to be one smooth and complete film. The flash films begin streaming the moment you click a title, which is a bit irritating if all you want to do is check out what kind of content and what types of models are featured. Unfortunately, there aren't any scene descriptions or thumbnail photos, so in fact you kind of have to rely on the streams to figure out what's up in the hardcore.

There are 54 straight films and 22 gay ones. I was expecting a lot more out of this site, at least in the way of content. Additionally, I noticed that often the same models are used again and again, which can get a little stale especially if you aren't into the models. Also, some of the flicks are from cam shows, although from which site and whose cam shows I am not sure. In any case, the cam videos are sheer and utter crap. Grainy and blurry and dark, there's little reason to even watch those particular films.

Fortunately, other 320x240 MPEG4 movies are clear, although I did find a couple of flicks that didn't have sound. I don't know about you, but I happen to like sound in modern films and if I wanted to see silent movies then I'd become a member to a vintage site.

Despite titles like "Nude Pool Party" and "Brenden and Pizza Boy" there are no reality-style films here. The movies simply begin with a bit of foreplay and then head right for the hardcore. There is little dialogue and often the camera is stationary as if you're watching a home movie. This is great for those who enjoy awkward framing and relatively no change from wide angles to close up shots. The films appear to be around 20 minutes, but when members can expect updates is a little bit of a mystery.

Final Verdict

I'm all for amateurs and even amateur-style filmmaking, but I'm not a dumb idiot and can see that this site is simply someone's attempt at making a fast buck and churning out shit and then calling it amateur and formatting it for iPods to appeal to gay and straight audiences alike. Seriously, I've seen more exciting action on plenty of sites. I like that IVidXXX.com blends straight and gay porn, but I doubt too many straight members would be interested in the homo-humping and I'm pretty damn certain that gay members would run shrieking in terror in finding so much pussy on this site. Also, if a site is going to appeal to iPod users, who are hip to technology, then I'd suggest the site at least deliver a quality that's worthy. Still, the site isn't a total loss.

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